2018 – 

Executive Vice President, Transatlantic Leadership Network, Washington D.C.

2011 – 2018
Senior Fellow and Director of the Mediterranean Basin Initiative at the Center for Transatlantic Relations SAIS at Johns Hopkins University in Washington D.C.

Dr. Toperich is Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the following projects:

Mediterranean Basin Initiative
Future of Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan
Vision 2020 for BiH
Mediterranean Development Initiative, Tunis

For more information, please visit: www.transatlanticrelations.org

2001 –
President, America – Bosnia Foundation, New York City – Sarajevo

Dr. Toperich is founder & President of the America – Bosnia Foundation dedicated to promote stronger relationship between the United States of America and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

For more info, please visit: www.abf.ba

Advisor to the Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bakir Izetbegovic

2009 – 2010

Counselor, Mission of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations

2003 – 2008

Presidential Envoy of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United States

2004 –
President, World Youth Leadership Network,  New York

Dr. Toperich is committed to support empowerment of youth world wide in their education, projects, and work in creating better life standards and future leadership of young talented people.

Dr. Toperich took leadership in the following projects:

  • Establishment of IT centers in Africa
  • Empowerment of youth in the Middle East
  • Peace dialogue between Chinese and Tibetan people
  • UNMIL Liberia
  • For more info, please visit: www.wyln.org

2001 – 2004

Advisor to the Council of Europe Ambassador, Sarajevo

2002 – 2003

Advisor, Mission of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations, New York

1998 – 2001

Goodwill Ambassador “Artist for Peace,” UNESCO Children’s Foundation, Geneve

1997 – 1999

President, UNESCO Children’s Foundation, Geneve

In partnership with the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and “Hope 87” humanitarian organization in Sarajevo, Dr. Toperich provided medical equipment for disabled children in Bosnia and Herzegovina injured by mines during the war. During his tenure as the President of the UNESCO “Childrens’ Foundation”, Dr. Toperich also provided several scholarships for talented young tennis players from Sarajevo to help promote youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina.