“… Toperich’s performance of Rachmaninov and Mussorgsky has proven him to be a truly representative of best young pianists in today’s musical world…”
Tatjana Pandurevic, Oslobodjenje, Sarajevo

“… With curious mixture of ease and exhuberence, Toperich exhibits in music childlike flexibility of mind, which pychologist Erik Erikson identified with genius such as Albert Einstein, among other creative souls…”
Linda Bayer, Washington Week

“… He played Chopin very lightly but with crystal diffusing the finesse of an expertise throughout the auditorium and creating a unique atmosphere…”
Nenad Tukalj, Vjesnik, Croatian Daily

“… Toperich surprised with his highly sensitive composition Sarajevo 92 as well as with technically brilliant and musically rich Bach Busoni…”
Mirjam Morad, Neue Welt, Vienna

“… A musical vision of Toperich is influenced by romanticism. Everything he plays, including music of Bach and Scarlatti sounds ultra-romantic… His Chopin image has an influence of the sound of the great Arthur Rubinstein…”
F. Perpetuo, Folha De Sao Paolo, Brazil

“… Sasa has an enjoyable light hand that nevertheless is capable producing weighty resounding chords. His well developed sense of musical form, ability to shape melodic phrases and use of abundant nuances make him attentive to detail without losing sight of the whole…”
Uri Eppstein, Jerusalem Post

“… The audience got to hear a real treat for the second half of the concert: pieces played by pianist Sasha Toperich from Sarajevo and Japanese violinist Eijin Nimura. Both men, in addition to being exquisite musicians, are Unesco Ambassadors for Peace, which means they are using their talents to further diplomacy between nations, a worthy goal. When the two men played together, the concert hall was electrified. They played, in a nod to the Israeli contingent, Bloch’s “Nigun No. 2 from Ba’al Shem Tov” and then a Brahms piece. The two masters, together, created an atmosphere of rich excitement and there wasn’t a person in the hall who wasn’t rapt with attention. It was an unbelievable pairing of talent, and afterward, they each bowed to the other.”
Aimee Weinstein, Tokyo Writer, Japan